Behind The Scenes...

You may have seen a video go a bit viral last week from Smoke Shack Stony Stratford in which a woman stole part of their sign from their restaurant.  Now we know our signs are popular, but all you had to do is ask. Thankfully the powers of social media encouraged the stolen item to be returned. And if you're interested in a wooden letter of your own get in touch. 

Smoke Shack have now opened a new restaurant in Bedford, You can book following this link. The owners of Smoke Shack loved our sign we made at their previous restaurant, so they asked us back to create something bespoke for their new site.

We visited the new restaurant and met up with the owners to discuss ideas and we drew up a selection of possibilities that would work well in the new place to fit in with their own look and feel. Below you can see some behind the scenes photos of the pieces coming together and a peek of them in their new home. However you really need to go see them in person at the new shack! If you like what you see and feel we could create something to compliment your premises or home feel free to have a chat with us and we'll create something bespoke that you'll love and treasure.